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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mormon Tabernacle choir member sings praises of Trina's new book!

I was thrilled to receive such a great review of my newest book by a well-known author and member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Michael Young!

Michael Young sang his praises when he posted this glowing review of my newest book Base Hits and Home Run Relationships: What Women Wish Guys Knew :

"I really loved the tone of this book, which is set to a backdrop of comparing relationships to playing baseball. It tackles a serious topic with warmth and understanding, and though it is a book aimed at men, I never felt as though it was talking down to me. I also enjoyed the great baseball card illustrations with quotes scattered throughout the book.

It offers pragmatic advice, straightforward and from a compassionate point of view, not putting down either men or women, but offering clear suggestions about how to actually improve your dating or marital relationship. I liked how she also made suggestions that built upon each other, offering you a stepwise path toward an ultimate goal. (Appropriately, she calls these “first base”, “second base”, “third base” and “home run”.)  I will be taking these to heart and using them to improve my own marriage."

Michael is a great author himself!  Be sure to check out some of his newest books below:

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